Infrastructure Engineer

deepsense is hiring!


Deepsense is a French startup providing an instant identity verification solution. We apply cutting-edge computer vision algorithms to video streams in order to detect any identity fraud attempts (mask attacks, DeepFake...).

To enhance user experience, we've designed the first fully passive identity verification solution. You don't need to interact with your phone anymore to prove your liveness. We provide a 0 fraud, 0 friction identity verification process.

Our solution works in real-time and raises many engineering challenges (low quality videos, unconstrained environments, real-time, scalability...). To solve these challenges, we’re looking for an Infrastructure Engineer that will help us create the next generation of identity verification solution.

Our tech stack :
Front : React.js, WebAssembly
Back : Node.js, C++, Python, Go
Infra : Kubernetes, RabbitMQ, GitHub

Job Description

At deepsense, you'll have the possibility to:

  • Design and maintain a scalable microservice based architecture for video processing.
  • Build and promote security inside our development workflow to help protect the sensitive data we handle.
  • Collect and monitor KPIs (availability, response time, time to deploy) and ensure that they meet our SLAs.
  • Lead the scalability & capacity planning strategy.
  • Lead our CI/CD processes to deploy safely and quickly.

Preferred Experience

You'll be a good fit for deepsense, if you have:

  • MS or PhD in Software Engineering or related field.
  • A first significant experience in a DevOps or back-end position.
  • Good Linux system administration skills.
  • Experience with one programming language (Python, Java, Go) and Shell scripting.
  • The ability to clearly communicate complex ideas, both to technical colleagues and non-technical audiences.
  • An entrepreneurial mindset, you know how to be smart and get things done.
  • Collaborative, enthusiastic about teamwork, learning, and teaching.

It’s even better if you have built something from scratch! Everything else is a bonus. We prefer to have diversity in experiences and backgrounds.

Recruitment Process

  • Quick presentation call
  • First round of interviews with the CTO and the tech team (Technical Test & Feedback Discussion)
  • Interview with the CEO & COO

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75006)
  • Experience: > 3 years